Mykonos, the party animal of the Cycladic islands, is a destination that needs no introduction.

With its captivating nightlife and exciting parties, the island of Mykonos is Greece’s answer to Ibiza, with tanned bodies bustling its beaches by day and party music pounding through its world-famous clubs and bars until dawn.

From the moment you arrive in Mykonos, you begin discovering why this little sunny gem, surrounded by the enduring blue of the Mediterranean Sea, is a dream destination of countless epicurean party lovers around the globe.

There is something magnetizing in its air — a heart-warming sense of liberty combined with a fierce burst of energy that can make your pulse run a little faster.

And, no matter how much you’ve read about Mykonos’ night-long parties, stunning beaches, and delicious food, this island will still keep surprising you at every step.

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The Greece Party Island You Must Explore — Mykonos

A common word on the streets of many European countries is: it isn’t a party unless it’s like a Greece party.

In particular, that refers to a party evening in Mykonos. If you love carousing, visiting Mykonos should be at the top of your bucket list.

It is one of the best destinations for festivity and is famous not only for its sociability and partying entertainment, but also for its riveting nightlife.

Young people from around the world — even celebrities of the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Gerald Butler, and Paris Hilton are enticed by Mykonos’ partying culture and all the fun activities this destination has on offer.

Every bit of delight a social person craves is available in this Greece party destination and you will endlessly cherish the summer carousal ambiance this place brings to the table.

From clubs to islands and bars to beaches, the entirety of Mykonos transforms into a convivial fest right as the sun sets down.

Here, we take a tour through everything you can do to explore the quintessential Greece party life of Mykonos to the fullest.

To thoroughly make the best of the chance of partying in Greece when the sun goes down, here are the three finest clubs to spend your time in!

The Best Clubs you should visit