At the gorgeously spick-and-span beach of Panormos lies Principote Mykonos, a club beyond the ordinary. It is a realm where opulence rises to a whole new domain amidst cozy elegance and discreet service.

Principote Mykonos beach club is essentially a space to leave behind the mundane indulgence and feel unique. From all over the world, people and celebrities alike come here to relax in supreme leisure and to party hard!

Principote Mykonos gives an entrancing buzz to lavish Mediterranean summer living, through calming beachfront dining experiences, unobtrusive private VIP rooms, festive celebrations, and bewitching parties that will flood all your senses through their seamless and exceptional services.

By far, even the most beautiful beach club you’ve ever seen will not hold a candle to Principote Mykonos.

The whole structure is quite graceful, thanks to the famous architect Athanasios Kyratsoùs who supervised its framework blueprinting from the get-go.

The attention Principote Mykonos has put on choosing excellent furniture for all the areas, from the lounge to the restaurant and even the places under the beach umbrellas, is simply jaw-dropping.

Principote Mykonos | The Extravagant Party Lifestyle


The magnificent party in Pricipote starts at around 3 in the afternoon. And with that, the graceful restaurant having long wooden tables, the elegant white ropes, and the refined golden sailings all turn into a fun atmosphere, where dancing is an absolute must!

And when you’re weary of dancing, you can enjoy sunbathing in the plush, sumptuous sunbeds and the threaded umbrellas with a rejuvenating drink in hand.

Besides, feel free to sip on your premier shisha as you take breaks diving in the clear Aegean waters — Principote Mykonos is well-appointed with highly trained shisha staff and is the abode of one of the five rarest shisha designs in the entire world.

So, when in the afternoon, the atmosphere at Principote Mykonos turns more and more vigorously energized, don’t hold back at reveling in exotic cocktails, magical shisha, and the fetching beats of the resident DJ G-soul!

Principote Mykonos | Restaurant

A lot of celebrities have chosen to visit Principote Mykonos. After all ‘celebrities in Principote’ is a trademark of the beach club and has been so for years. Why? Because they have a colorful and recherché restaurant that magnetizes everyone!

The core value of the Principote Mykonos restaurant lies in its individuality and originality when it comes to cooking special dishes best suited to various occasions. It sets the dining benchmark in the entire island of Mykonos with its splendid presentation!

The food is amazing, the ambiance is captivating, the staff is helpful and polite — there remains no room for improvement as Principote Mykonos restaurant has already achieved idyllic heights. Dining there is an experience worth experiencing and while you are at it, try out some of the chef’s recommended specials! They will blow your mind away!