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Liveaboard yacht charter

Mykonos is a famous cosmopolitan destination among the Greek islands.

Every year, tourists flock to this island to have the time of their life. The picture-perfect beaches and ancient landmarks make it the top destination choice for all.

Stunning picturesque tiny islands surround Mykonos. They are all ideally gathered in the middle of the white bay, and hence spotting them is not difficult.

GVG makes a perfect spot for its entire Tourist who sails around them along with the activities they can do by renting a yacht charter. The liveaboard extends opportunities for floating and scuba diving. 

Adventure by boat rentals

The exclusive sea packages include an itinerary personalized and tailored according to your requirements.

Yachting would be the foremost choice that showcases the landmarks and natural beauty of Mykonos.

The boat rental consists of a speed ferry with economical fares, though it can be rented on the spot or booked online. 

Mykonos is a famous strip along with the Greek islands. Here the boat rentals are done by GVG, which will be docked at the old port. The nearest island is not far away, so cruising is fun and effortless.

Value for money boat rental

You can also rent a good speed boat for a splash in the water or sail in yacht charter and do clubbing all day long.

Renting a speed boat is a far better choice for speed lovers to experience word class diving and windsurfing.

Take an enjoyable splash in the water or roam free on the water surface with friends.

It combines marine life with aquatic dive and top-notch soft coral reefs to cross and swim too.

Choosing destinations

Although the best place for partying in Mykonos town, various places are worth visiting for romance lovers and honeymooners. Places such as Pssarou, kalafati, and Platis jalos have breathtaking beaches with white sand.

The nightlife is phenomenal, and the daytime is consumed by great activities planned for all ages and genders. 

The beaches have taverns and restaurants with well-equipped deck chairs that allow the lazy day to pass by. 

The most famous beach is only 6km from Mykonos Town, and is deemed paradise as the music gets loud for parties. You can go there by yacht charter or speed boat.

Private charters

For details about yacht charter, speed boat, and boat rentals, please contact us.

We make sure to give you service, which is excellent and assists you in planning itineraries for meals, parties, cruises, and going to historical landmarks. 

Since Mykonos is a popular summer destination, make sure to visit this fabulous place where the nightlife comes alive. 

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