As visible as it may look, in reality, professionalism is a rarity among private event planning and coordinating service providers worldwide. The entire team of Golden Villas Greece is qualified and trained enough to fortify the highest quality of concierge services in entire Mykonos.

We relentlessly set new professional standards to look up to, by providing excellent services.

Our event planning endeavors are structured around what the clients truly want and we understand anything less than that will be plainly underperforming.

We, at Golden Villas Greece, strive to provide a highly professional, adept, and well-methodical service to make your experience absolutely sensational.

Event Planning Services We Offer

Golden Villas Greece event planning team specializes in coordinating and making tailor-made arrangements for events such as:

  • Holiday parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Business events
  • Bachelor parties
  • Engagement celebrations
  • Weddings
  • Religion-respecting dinners
  • Moonlight dinners at a private pool/place
  • Candlelight dinners at a private pool/place any other personalized events.

Our events, dinners, parties, and weddings are matchless on the entire continent, let alone the little island of Mykonos.

With a wide range of services, our courteous planning team offers an unforgettable private experience for making you feel like your home is the second-best place in the world!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that Golden Villas Greece allows you to feel what is it like being a VIP in Mykonos.

Get in touch with us for:

Any celebrations or birthday bashes

From small parties to big celebrations, Golden Villas Greece event planners can help you create a gathering you will never forget — be it a birthday, a dinner with special guests, or a special night with your beloved friends and family. Even bachelor parties.

Do you have a theme in mind? Organizing a themed party is a sure-shot way to get your guests to immerse and enjoy themselves even before they arrive! We’ll put in all our efforts and experience to plan and fulfill a themed celebration of your dreams!

Engagements and weddings

Drawing inspiration from the year-round soothing beachy weather of Mykonos, the team of Golden Villas Greece is here to expertly organize and guide you through your engagement or wedding planning journey!

If the notion of planning a wedding all by yourself seems impossible and you’d rather sit back and have someone else make arrangements for everything little or large, we’ll happily organize it and make every moment of your wedding memorable.

Religion-respecting dinners

If you’re planning on organizing a religiously toned dinner party, our broad and globally experienced crew of event organizers would be glad to give your event the touch of your tradition.

Whether it is an event with perennial Jewish undertones or a timeless Arab-styled experience, we can make the ambiance and the venue fit your idea!

Personalized events

Many of our clients approach us regarding special requests and unconventional personalized events. Other times, our clients — both new and recurring need us to make arrangements for pretty unusual activities.

Combining our commitment and expertise in planning and executing events, over the years, we’ve consistently left our clients more than satisfied, no matter their event request.

We have all the interest and intention to undertake even the greatest of event planning challenges! Feel free to get in touch with us regarding your unique or personalized request.

Also, in case of a private event, our team at Golden Villas Greece maintains full secrecy if requested, and helps you in making surreptitious arrangements.

Does GVG Provide Event Supplies?


Don’t hesitate to make contact with us regarding any event and party supplies. We’d love the chance to manage your food, drinks, and refreshments!

On top of that, we also take care of your entertainment by making all the music-related arrangements by ourselves.

Leave all your worries about decorating the venue, host and guests’ styling, photography, or even special demands like stupefying lighting-fireworks to us!

Not to mention, we’ll also take responsibility for arranging theatrical props in regards to your themed party preferences as well!

Our helpful staff will look after everything and leave no stone unturned in transforming all your dream thoughts about your special events into a reality!

In addition to providing supplies, we’ll customize your event to match your personal style, perception, and personality. Our team is well-versed in putting together all the little details envisioned by you to take your event up a notch!

Why is Mykonos the Best Place in the World for your Event?

Let’s now shed a little light on the best part about your event: It’ll take place in Mykonos, the best place to celebrate on the entire planet!

If you’re hinging on the fence on whether to choose Mykonos for your celebrations, let us help you dispel those doubting thoughts away.

Mykonos is absolutely stunning!

This lovely island attracts thousands of visitors every year. Its resort culture and the enchanting nightlife are so bewitching that Mykonos is a highly listed bucket list destination of many.

Furthermore, the scenic beauty of this island — the splendid beaches, villas, clubs, picturesque sunrise and sunsets, panoramic villages are also captivating.

With all the astonishing islands and extravagant villas to hire, there are endless possibilities of what you can do to spend an unforgettable time in Mykonos while celebrating your events and holidays away from the hassles of your everyday life.

Any event you’re willing to carry out in this mesmerizing would be worth every penny you shell out of your pocket.

With so many attractions to offer, Mykonos is unquestionably one of the most remarkable places to organize your special events in.

And, on account of the brilliant conveniences we offer, Golden Villas Greece is unquestionably the most remarkable event planning and concierge service provider in Mykonos!

Reach out to us today to discuss the planning, organization, and coordination of your events!

The professional and dedicated team of Golden Villas Greece would love to hear about them and work on your project.

Let’s create beautiful memories to cherish for life!