Golden Villas Greece has appointed an adequate number of blue-ribbon chefs to provide nothing short of five-star quality food and services. All the GVG private chefs are experienced and adept in their art of cooking. Our chefs are pretty tractable, compliant and they’ll take well to your directions.

They’re well-trained to prepare foods and dishes ranging across a wide variety of backgrounds, alongside keeping their authentic taste true-to-life!

With our appetizing and full-flavored food, the GVG private chefs boast a spotless track record with zero customer complaints!

The instilled professionalism in our chefs will allow you to feel free in instructing them about the cuisines and arrangements to fit your taste the best.

Our chefs are pretty tractable, compliant and they’ll take well to your directions.

You can choose a customized menu all by yourself or ask our seasoned chefs for suggestions regarding the dishes, ingredients, or preparations.

GVG Catering Services

Golden Villas Greece with its virtuoso chefs would love to organize any event you’re planning about, and put together special catering menus and exquisite services to make it as happening as possible!

That includes birthday parties, graduation celebrations, yacht caterings, cocktail parties, catering weddings, special events, and more!

The chefs at GVG understand that no event or occasion can be truly memorable without good food.

Our cooks know their stuff! They have the silver bullet that helps you get the perfect food, drinks, and party supplies to energize and electrify your event.

Additionally, our catering services for VIP functions are handled with the greatest precision and efficiency to ensure there’s no scope of mistakes.

GVG’s catering staff is attentive and will present no hindrance to your guests. They are earnest and professional in their work.

Personalized Catering Menus

From Mediterranean cuisine to Japanese culinary, timeless Greek wines to the freshest seafood platters, and smoked preparations to barbeques — our clients have the freedom of making calls on the menu that suits well to their preferences and taste.

Golden Villas Greece is one of the handpicked few in the Mykonos catering scene to offer customized menu options to their clients.

Besides choosing from a specific set of foods, you can even ask our chefs to prepare unique dishes as per your own recipes!

Our dexterous chefs have all the brilliance and artfulness needed to make one-of-a-kind dishes.

Thematic Dinners

Be the talk of the town by arranging your themed dinners, events, bachelors, or mocktail parties with Golden Villas Greece!

Along with providing you a number of chefs that are well-versed in preparing any food imaginable, the team at Golden Villas Greece can also arrange for a themed event with food, drinks, refreshments, supplies, ambiance, and props fitting the theme of your choice!

What’s more, we can help arrange your themed party at one of our villas or yachts — every inch of which will be decorated as per the party theme!

In case of the slightest of confusion, our adept team will recommend useful thematic ideas and come up with the perfect framework for your special eve.

Make sure all your guests and clients return with memories to cherish forever by letting them indulge in exquisite food and catering services offered by GVG private chefs and catering staff!