GVG provides reliable and high-standard services for minivan transfers, private bus drivers for family tours, and private bus drivers for private enjoyment.

Mykonos is known for its incredible summer party atmosphere. It is lined with dazzling beaches such as paradise and super paradise laden with blare thumping music for club lovers.

These massive dance clubs attract well-known world DJs and many iconic personalities.

They all need services to pick and drop and travel around Mykonos.

Our fleet will provide the most luxurious, comfortable transfer and travel, especially for people who love to travel around Mykonos.

Private drivers

GVG provides highly professionally trained private drivers with reliable transportation.

We provide exceptional outstanding transport services throughout Mykonos Island.

Book our luxurious packages and tailored deals with a list of SUVs and Minivans.

Additionally, the private drivers will carry all shopping with safety and take care of them in the car.

Hence why choose ordinary taxis and buses when you can travel with elegance. 

Minivan transfers

Many people find traveling in Greece expensive. The hotels and clubbing tend to be heavy on many pockets, and hence travelers cut down on sightseeing or observing landmarks.

GVG makes sure that all customers receive the highest form of luxury ever imagined.

We accommodate many tourists through minivan transfers from the hotel or airport to the desired destinations.

The luggage is also taken care of and kept in security. The minivan transfers are notable for private and feasible transportation in Mykonos.

Here all vehicles are regularly checked and updated for maintenance. Our list includes Mercedes, jeep wrangler, and BMW x5.

Private bus driver

Transportation is not only confined to one job, but it is interlinked with many other scenarios.

Without transportation, there won’t be any travel and tourism. GVG exceeds hiring private bus drivers for families and friends who opt for a long day journey or take few stops here and there.

It is also handy for some people who want to see multiple destinations at one go.

The private bus driver service is exceptionally good at that. The private drivers only drive cars available, accommodating limited people, whereas the private bus driver can drive a minibus for complete comfort and luxury. 

The assigned driver is well trained to keep the best possible appearance and behavior with all clients.

We also provide the privacy of our clients, and our private bus drivers follow the complete protocol given to them. 

Why choose GVG for your transfer?

GVG is known for extensive travel services. Explore and travel with us for memorable trips, and we will spare you in finding taxis and buses for a busy ride.

Get all the things you need for travel to Mykonos and give us a call.

We will arrange everything for you. Our customer service is available at all hours, and you can go through the bookings before your arrival.

Drop-in a call to get the complete details and pack away to travel to Greece and Mykonos.