No matter if you’re on a honeymoon or a bachelor’s party, if you want to make most of the Mykonos sunshine and experience the best time of your life with your significant other, friends, or family, consider chartering GVG’s private jets or helicopters in Mykonos.

You will never truly get to call your trip complete without having an aerial look at its scenic exquisiteness by booking a helicopter for charter or a private jet charter at Golden Villas Greece!

GVG’s Helicopter Charter in Mykonos

Breathe a new life into your Mykonos experience by booking private helicopter tours arranged by GVG!

Our helicopters for charter will introduce you to the ethereal side of Mykonos — a sight you wouldn’t be expecting to see.

Wandering the scintillant island city of Mykonos on foot or by car is simply not enough to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

You’ve probably looked at the picturesque views of Mykonos, Santorini, or Athens online.

And now that you’re in Greece and have the chance to revel in those mind-bending scenic views through your naked eye, there’s no way you can afford to miss it!

The professional and proficient services provided by GVG are more than adept to take you off the terrain and make your high-flying dreams come true.

The Heli For Charter by Golden Villas Greece is the safest and soundest way to cherish the beauty of Mykonos unfold right in front of you from the panorama of a bird’s eye.

Get in touch with us today, and we’ll book an experienced and well-trained helicopter pilot who will happily take you to the highest of heights, escalating your experience in the most unforgettable way.

You can also inquire about our tour guide who will familiarize you with the historical sites that come into the view while you’re up there!

GVG’s Private Jet Charter in Mykonos

If you are seeking discretion and privacy then chartering a private jet is your #1 choice.

The proficient jet pilots are at your service to fly you from Athens to Mykonos and even to Santorini on your request to make for a trip of your lifetime, which will reside in your memory lane forever.

The choice is unconditionally yours. Get the private Helicopter or Jet Charter services of Golden Villas Greece to kick your journey into a higher gear or have a mediocre vacation like everybody else.

Exploring the excellence of the aerial views of Mykonos from a distinctive height will be the absolute highlight reel of your life.

Additional GVG services you may request for:

  • Last-minute charter booking
  • Luggage allowance
  • Private jet and helicopter rentals on hourly basis
  • Private Jet and helicopter rental for business or corporate trips