One of the best ways to visit Greece is via using a service like concierge from Golden Villas Greece where you rent a villa and explore the region at your own pace.

You get to access any services you want, enjoy the local food and amazing benefits, and you can also try out a variety of unique features too. The best part about our services like this is that you just pay a single fee and you get access to the best luxury villa rentals. And there are some great benefits if you use the Golden Villas Greece lifestyle management and VIP services too.

Getting access to some of the most luxurious villas in Greece

One of the major advantages you get when you use our concierge services is that you can access some of the most impressive villas all over Greece. This is the ultimate way to enjoy some luxury and fun, while exploring a variety of unique options and benefits. The best part is that you can be in a remote place, away from prying eyes and with a lot of privacy. These VIP villas are state of the art, fully equipped and they will give you an amazing time.

Premium VIP Services

Thanks to Golden Villas Greece, you have access to a vast range of premium services. These include villa security, a private chef, not to mention a car rental with private driver, daily maid service and many others. Daily maid is included in the price and waiters are available upon request.

We will take care of you, so you can have the best time exploring Greece and what it has to offer.

Celebrating in style

We provide great lifestyle management solutions so you can easily celebrate in style and have fun for a change. We are firm believers that renting a villa in Greece can be a great way to celebrate birthdays or important events. That’s why we are here at all times to ensure that you have an extraordinary time with your private guests. We are here to organize your dream because your dream becomes our team’s dream.

Fully equipped with everything you need

Our team is offering you access to fully equipped villas, based on your needs. They have their own fitness center, a pool and any other amenities that you may require. We are always ready to assist, and we guarantee you will have an incredible experience and outstanding value for money.


If you’re looking for the best villa rentals and concierge services, don’t hesitate and give Golden Villas Greece a try today. We are offering our customers the VIP experience, complete with the best chefs, personal security and drivers. This way you get to explore Greece in style, while enjoying the ultimate options in luxury and comfort. If you want a unique luxurious experience, contact us today and make your dream come true!