Planning to visit Greece for your vacation? If you travel here and love partying, you should certainly Party in Mykonos — one of the hottest summer spots for quality entertainment, popular across the planet for its wild and colorful nightlife!

From clubs to beaches and from bars to the little islands, every site switches over to being a party venue right as the sun goes down.

Read on to find out where to party in Mykonos! Attend and revel in its dazzling parties and nightlife to explore everything you can in Mykonos to the fullest!

We’ll help you make your stay on this ritzy and magnetic island even more memorable.

Places to have a Blast in Mykonos

Beaches and Beach Clubs

The beaches in Mykonos are well-known for their tranquility and serenity, and they offer a legion of exquisite scenic views, which make them a must-visit.

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However, as it begins to get dark, Mykonos transforms into the absolute #1 partying island of Europe!

Several tourists, visitors, and locals travel to Mykonos to get a piece of one of the most irresistible and sweltering parties that they could attend on the continent.

These parties are something you must experience at least once in your life!

The nightlife in Mykonos is the time of festivity, passion, and fascination, and the ravishing parties speak high volumes of it.

As a splendid spot for thrill-seeking souls, Mykonos offers some eye-popping clubs and bars. Here’s our rundown of one of the best beach clubs for partying in Mykonos:

Scorpios Mykonos

You can’t just go wrong with Scorpios Mykonos if you’re on the lookout for attending a grand party zone, with an undying Greek touch.

This party place is at the Paraga Beach, which itself is a treasured hub for everlasting fun and breathtaking ambiance.


By far, Void is the biggest disco club in Mykonos. It is one of few hangout joints on the entire planet that frequently hosts electrifying DJ parties with the biggest DJ names such as:

  • Black Coffee
  • Jamie Jones
  • Âme
  • Guy Gerber
  • Damian Lazarus
  • Adriatique
  • Hot Since 82 and many others!

Not experiencing the magic of its aura and the timeless Mykonian white walls interior would be a huge mistake if you visit Mykonos.


Another great spot at Paraga Beach, the Kalua Beach Bar-Restaurant is where you’ll witness the glamor and the lust-mania of Mykonos!

Your trip to this party island will be severely underdone if you don’t visit this bar that’s open for singles and spicy couples who are looking to explore what their hearts want to the amplest.


What if we tell you, the biggest ocean-water pool in Europe is right here in Mykonos? And it is surrounded by numerous cabanas, sunbeds, and party tables? Exaggeration? NO!

The SantAnna Beach Club spans across various islands, each of which is an apartment equipped with a washroom, towels, and glass windows to gaze the sea-pool!

What’s more, SantAnna features some of the most terrific DJ and Hip Hop parties, even headlining celebrities like Jason DeRulo, Tyga, and many others!

Throw Private Parties in Mykonos

As mentioned already, irrespective of what you’re into — wild beach parties or ecstatic DJ parties, Mykonos has it all to make sure you have a blast!

The bars and clubs of Mykonos are highly crowd-pleasing because of their flamboyant parties. They also feature plenty of fun and sizzling experiences, which make this place nothing less than a utopia for the party animals.

However, nothing compares to dancing your day away in a jaw-dropping and tempting party thrown by you yourself!

If you’re looking to host the biggest eye-catching and awe-inspiring party in Mykonos, you’re at the right place!

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We specialize in organizing first-rate bachelor parties, DJ parties, and thunderous dancing and drinking party events!

We’ll set you up with party arrangements in your private place/villa/residence with popular DJs in Mykonos and make sure your event will be nothing but the craziest and the friskiest.

You can hire our services to put the usual beach and club parties in Mykonos to shame. We’ll employ all our expertise and creativity in taking care of your needs.

We provide DJs, kicky party supplies, food, drinks, refreshments camera crew, and just about everything else to make certain you create unforgettable private party memories in Mykonos.

Other Private Party Hosting Services We Provide:

Security services

To assure the safety of your party guests and premises, we offer our security services so that your event continues without issues and everyone’s wellbeing is taken care of.

We’ll work our best at the back-end with private security patrols and supervisors to ensure you have a safe time!


Private DJ parties

No rip-roaring party is complete without a sensational DJ and a famous artiste making the most of your guests’ time, right?

For that reason, we also provide private DJ party services to let yourself loose and indulge in the energizing Jazz, RnB, and Hip Hop ambiance.

Adept chauffeur and valet services

To take your private party in Mykonos up a notch, we also provide professional chauffeur, driver, and valet services. You can gather your buddies and we’ll arrange for a luxurious and party-friendly vehicle to take you around this tantalizing partying island.

All our professional services are safe and secure, so you can have your peace of mind without having to worry about the arrangement, supplies, DJ, or transportation complexities.

Mykonos Glamorous Parties: The other side of the Coin

Just try and picture this: You’re at a breathtaking beach in Mykonos with your significant other or best buddies, the cool sea breeze is gently sweeping your face, the air around you is soothing — in short, life is great!

You want to top your Mykonos experience off by feverishly taking part in the endless parties and nightlife events on this magnetizing island.

Soon enough, you can’t help but get too drawn in the frenzy of such parties only to compromise your safety.

Thus, we recommend that you always be aware of yourself. Enjoy, but keep your security paramount. Have the contact information of local authorities saved in your mobile phone, in case of any inconvenient happening/s.

Nevertheless, if you book us to host you a private beach and DJ party, we’ll take care of the safety department!