Mykonos is a grand cosmopolitan island that is an extended part of Greece. The golden sandy beaches and turquoise skies are pretty famous there. Mykonos excursions such as sailing, wine tasting, and beach adventure are at your disposal.

The island covers an area of 85.5 square kilometers and has an elevation of 341 meters.

Mykonos is the largest town and is nicknamed “The Island of the Winds.” Strong, gushy winds usually blow on the island, and it is one of the major attractions of tourists.

Listed below are some fun activities which all tourists can avail of experiencing the time of their life.

Mykonos horse riding

Horse riding is prevalent at all beaches. The tourists at horse land are offered a unique opportunity to ride through the island of Mykonos’s breathtaking scenery. Mykonos horse riding starts from Ano Mera to Fokos beach. Mykonos horse riding is accompanied by a guide who caters to the tourists’ needs and makes the ride through the Cycladic landscape distinctive. It would leave a memorable imprint of Mykonos excursions.

Mykonos Safari

Another exceptional part of Mykonos excursions is the Mykonos safari. The tourists who opt for this masterpiece discover breathtaking views of beautiful beaches and rural villages.

You can also take a swim at the shore and laze in the sun for a great tan. Mykonos safari is for 8 hours accompanied by a guide, meals, drinks, Tips, and jeep transportation. The discovery of a Venetian castle and an old mine is indeed a fantasy for all tourists.

Fishing in Mykonos

All tourists happily lounge for fishing in Mykonos. The Mykonian lifestyle offers majestic and well-preserved traditional methods of fishing. The fishermen will happily accompany you showing the evergreen way of life in Mykonos. Fishing in Mykonos is done during standard fishing hours. It includes some features, which are listed below.

  • The Meeting place at the new port is a sure catch.
  • Fishing in Mykonos at the island of Rhenia or Mykonos.
  • All fishing gears provided (nets and lines).
  • Traditional snacks, beverages, and fruits.
  • Catch of the day

Mykonos excursions are eco-friendly, so if you are not interested in fishing, then a swim in the crystal clear waters or scuba diving will relax your body and mind.

Covid precautions

Al tourist destinations face difficult times since covid-19 has hit globally. Extra safety precautions are essential, and following social distance will crucial.

Mykonos excursions make sure to adhere to this policy too. All tourists are provided with face masks and hand sanitizers. People at Mykonos excursions are always adequately sanitized to enjoy the nightlife and parties at the beaches.

Mykonos attracts a diverse and classy crowd that thrives on stylish nightlife. The day offers some privacy at the secluded north beaches.

In contrast, the south beaches are all about parties. Whether you opt for windsurfing, Parasail, Mykonos horse riding, or Mykonos safari, the trip will last in your memories forever. Mykonos excursions are the best choice for age travelers.