Considering a honeymoon in Greece? Surrounded by the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, Mykonos is an out-of-this-world destination! It has heart-stirring beaches, maintains its timeless whitewashed architecture, boasts an outstanding number of luxury villas, and is home to countless sunsets whose beauty is stamped on one’s memory.

These qualities make this romantic island pretty popular throughout Europe, and it comes as no surprise that newlyweds from all over the globe visit Mykonos to spend a luxury honeymoon in Greece!

By and large, Mykonos has everything to give it a lovesome atmosphere. Couples walk holding hands in its delightful pedestrian streets filled with a plethora of shops and restaurants with an authentic food scene. And, taking selfies as they toast with a drink at one of the many breathtaking bars of Mykonos seems to be a natural norm of the land. So, whether you’re simply going on a romantic getaway, or have just got married and are looking for a luxury honeymoon in Greece, you’ll be glad that you chose Mykonos.

The Romanticism of Greece Honeymoons

When it comes to honeymoon destinations, you can’t luck into anywhere more romantic than Greece and its many islands. Touched with beauty and wrapped in splendor, they are a destination of — and for — the ages. From intimate bays to mesmerizingly ravishing hotels and the sheer amorous serenity of the Mediterranean waters, everything makes honeymoons in Greece an iconic choice.

However, if a Greek destination stands out from the rest, it’s Mykonos.

Mykonos is a honeymoon hotspot for a reason. Its beaches such as Ornos Beach, Panormos Beach, and Paradise Beach make it a splendid place to cuddle up and fondly hold the love of your life’s hand. The picturesque Matoyianni Street gives you the chance to go on a romantic hand-in-hand shopping stroll. And, with countless clubs, coves, historic landmarks, and natural panorama, there’s no shortage of things to do with your partner on your honeymoon in Greece!

“Every moment is made glorious by the light of love.” This is what Mykonos embraces. It lets you commence your newlywed romantic affair amid the most captivating and colorful landscapes. Blessed with dramatic tranquility and warmth, Mykonos has all the ingredients to make your Greece luxury honeymoon an unforgettable experience! Transcend into a world where love blossoms with uninhibited compassion.

What to do During Your Greece Luxury Honeymoon in Mykonos

Aside from being engrossed in its awe-inspiring natural charm, here are some of the fun things and stimulating activities you can do on your honeymoon in the wonderful Mykonos:

Visit Little Venice

Little Venice exudes spellbinding romance and an air of good spirits.

Famous for its medieval two and three-storeyed pleasingly oldfangled houses that stand against the greenish-blue backdrop of the soothing sea, you and your partner can together witness the world’s most bewitching sunsets here. What’s more, this picturesque destination is very well connected and easily accessible! It will take you less than 5 minutes to reach Little Venice from Fabrika bus station, and once you’ve arrived, have a romantic walk to the exquisite windmills and head down the stairs to the shore of the sea. It could very well be the highlight of your honeymoon in Greece!

Visit the most sensorial beaches on the planet

Exploring the world-famous beaches of Mykonos would take your Greece honeymoon to an unprecedented level, making its memories last a lifetime.

Platis Gialos Beach

This long, divinely sandy beach offers stunning sights of the sea. Gambol among the waves and swim in its clear waters, and when you are tired, nectarean Greek cocktails and fresh seafood will await you at the cafes by the seaside to make your luxury honeymoon in Greece extra romantic. Platis Gialos Beach is easily reached by taking the bus from the town, in a drive that is only 15 minutes long!

Paradise Beach

Located 6km or 3.8miles from the Mykonos town, you can easily visit Paradise Beach with your significant other after the sun has drifted off, and revel in the evening gatherings, festive parties, and amplified beats at the seaside. Both, a bus from the town or a ferry from the Platis Gialos Beach can bring you here.

Psarou Beach

About 5km or 3miles from the main town, Psarou Beach is for you if you’re willing to splurge. This beach is more on the affluent side, boasting upscale cafes and restaurants.

Go Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

What better way to express the deepness of your love than taking your partner to the depths of the sea?

Add a touch of adventure to your luxury honeymoon in Greece by plunging into the crystal-clear waters of Mykonos! Book a scuba diving tour with Golden Villas Greece, and with all the necessary equipment at your disposal, get aboard and explore the submerged gems of the Aegean Sea with your partner to experience the most invigorating journey you’ve ever been to! It, unquestionably, will breathe a new life into your journey as a newlywed couple!

While scuba diving in Mykonos, you will stumble upon colorful and thriving reefs as well as historic shipwrecks in Lia Bay, Agia Anna, Kalo Livadi, and Tragonisi caverns!

See the Windmills

Locally known as Kato Milli and built by the natives of Venice in the 16th century, the whimsical windmills of Mykonos are going to be the first metier you will notice about the town. Even though these iconic windmills are no longer in use to grind grains, the locals remain truly fond of them. When you reach the picturesque spot, you will comprehend its standing wonderment. Stay a little while here with your significant other to watch the sunset and appreciate the mesmerizing moment.

Tour the Historic Delos

Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its momentous archaeological locations. Once the birthplace of Apollo, it is now a small uninhabited isle that is about a short boat ride away from Mykonos. On your trip to this ancient city with your partner, visit the majestic ruins of Doric temples, crumbling marketplaces and houses, and the prominent Terrace of the Lions sculptures. Delos will leave you with a feeling that nothing lasts forever, and you and your loved one should cherish each moment spent together!

Shop along the Matoyianni Street

Housing bewildering bars, designer boutiques, lavish accommodations, and art galleries, Matoyianni Street proves to be a hotspot for shopaholics and art enthusiasts alike. Your shopping spree here will be the most adventurous one of your life — leaving you and your partner with not just a bagful of wares, but also everlasting memories that will elevate your luxury Greece honeymoon experience to a whole new ballpark!

Enjoy Mykonos Catamaran Cruises

With your beau’s hand in your hand, wind gently brushing your hair and caressing your cheeks, a ride in a luxury catamaran to explore the surrounding coves of Mykonos is both romantic and ravishing in equal measure. You can ride to Delos from Ornos Bay and then proceed to Rhenia alongside several other unspoiled and relatively lesser explored beaches if you want a bit of privacy. While on the catamaran cruise, don’t miss the sight of the scenic sun setting down in the azure waters of the Mediterranean!

Luxury Honeymoons in Greece and Romantic Experiences for Two

Exploring Mykonos’ mesmerizing culture, food, scenery, clubs, and beaches is exhilarating but staying at a luxury villa while on your honeymoon is in a league of its own.

Golden Villas Greece portrays the essence of a splendid honeymoon in Mykonos. As a destination setting for just two, we have years of experience under our belt to make your honeymoons as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Let us help you craft every indelible detail of your luxury honeymoon in Greece. Below are a few of the ravishing services offered by Golden Villas Greece that you can enjoy during your honeymoon in Mykonos: 

  • Discreet routine cleaning services that will not bother or pose an interruption to the guests taking residence in the villa. The cleaning times could be adjusted as per the convenience of the guests.
  • To ensure quality housekeeping, all the sheets, towels, and linen in the villa will be changed from week to week and with each check-in and check-out.
  • The staff will clean the pool water routinely for hygienic and sterile occupancy.
  • You can order groceries and kitchen supplies without any constraints. Furthermore, the requests can be made from a broad perspective as well.
  • For your comfort, a private chef will be made available at each villa offered by GVG, who will prepare scrumptious meals for the villa guests every day to keep them from dining out when not needed or desired.
  • Arrangements for candlelight dinner and authentic Greek drinks for newlywed couples on their honeymoon can be made available, which is especially enjoyable on a starry night.
  • Lastly, you can rent a car for exploring the beautiful island of Mykonos with your partner so that you won’t miss out on the exquisite sceneries and tourist attractions.

In addition, we will make sure to entertain any of your requests to make your luxury honeymoon in Greece truly special!

Why You Should Make a Reservation in a Luxury Villa Offered by GVG?

When renting a villa offered by Golden Villas Greece, you evade several irritating factors like loud hotel guests, never-ending buffet queues, sharing the swimming pool with strangers, and interruptions from staff and housemaids — all these could even ruin your honeymoon experience.

In our villas, you get to enjoy the luxury, security, and privacy you deserve on your much-awaited romantic trip. Here’s why making a reservation for a luxury villa offered by GVG is in your best interests:

We offer privacy and safety

All the luxury villas in Mykonos that you can rent from Golden Villas Greece are situated at private estates. Meaning the level of safeness and security we provide is exceptionally high, as we have protection officers that guard the property round the clock. Aside from that, you will also get to enjoy complete privacy in our exquisite villas. So, instead of having a single room next to numerous others in a corridor, you get a private villa!

You get an abundance of space

More space equals more fun. Our villas are like micro towns in themselves; they provide you with ample room to savor your private and personal Greece honeymoon moments far from everyone else. Such an amount of space is simply not available if you choose to stay in a hotel.

Unmatched comfort

Again, if you decide to stay in a hotel lodging, you will be bound to just one room. And, with loud neighbors, you won’t be able to be as comfortable as you’d wish to be. For a truly luxurious experience, the honeymoon suite Greece packages offered by GVG will give you access to multiple rooms, and you will be able to spend much-needed quality time with your significant other.

Free will

Wouldn’t you love to freely come and go out at any time, and as many times as you want, without having to stick to hotel rules or schedules? After all, it’s your honeymoon! In our villas, you can throw a noisy party of two and dance around the swimming pool all you want! No matter if it is 12 in the afternoon or in the night; you can just go for it!

A range of facilities

From regular conveniences like fully quipped, laundry facilities, A.C., and Wi-Fi access to luxuries such as heated swimming pools, amusement rooms, home theatres, gyms, and more; all of our villas come with a variety of amenities. In fact, the villas offered by GVG are meticulously designed for the sole purpose of making your honeymoon as memorable as possible!

On top of these facilities, you will have access to a terrace to catch sight of an incredible view of the outside, a fully loaded fridge, transport, chauffeur, beauty treatments, house massage, and much more!

Get in touch with the Golden Villas Greece team today, and we will help you find the best villa for your luxury honeymoon in Greece that has all the features you are looking for!

We passionately wish to offer you a pleasant and cozy stay, and to realize that, we have all the provisions in place to fulfill your every need!