There is nothing better and exciting than taking a few days off from a busy life and going on a vacation. Suppose you have such plans, Mykonos is the best place to go where you can enjoy the holidays for couples in Greece.

If you have made no plans till now, then look no further! Greece is a heavenly place as it not online provides the most luxurious villas, but other facilities which are like a dream come true.

Moreover, there is Mykonos, where you can visit to have the most luxurious holidays as that is the place to be right now. But do you know where exactly is Mykonos? And what attractions it offers? What type of villas can you rent? Read on to get the answers.

Where is Mykonos?

Mykonos is a part of Greece and is an island. The exciting part is that it is between many other islands which give splendid views wherever you look and since it is right in the center of other islands you can enjoy nature.

So if you visit there, you will see the world’s natural wonders all around in the form of marvelous beaches.

Why is Mykonos famous?

There are several reasons why Mykonos is one the best destinations for Greece couples holidays. It is a semi-arid climate all around the year, making it ideal for couples holidays in Greece.

It means that there is deficient rainfall, and the summer-like season prevails at all times. Technically no winters or snowfall, so you can visit Mykonos whenever you want.

With that, Mykonos offers the most luxurious villas for a couple of holidays to Greece. There are several options from which you can select any one villa but rest assured that no matter what you choose, you will get the same luxurious service at all times. 

Types of villas for holidays in Greece for couples:

We have a private collection of villa sunstones. It is made from Cycladic rock and gives the vibes of earth and nature transformed into luxury. It hangs off a cliff’s edge and has a swimming pool large enough to swim and get the feel of the ocean. It has seven bedrooms with nine bathrooms and easily accommodates 14 guests at a time. It is the best for Greece holidays for couples in large groups.

villa coral mykonos 68
Villa Coral

Villa Coral has a splendid view of the Gulf nearby and is one of the most sought-after villas in town. The magnificent scenery which has endless blue sea is a must-watch for all couples holidays Greece.

It is also very near the town center to walk or ride to enjoy the clubs and other privileges. The villa has six bedrooms with seven bathrooms and is the next best choice for a couple of holidays in Greece.

villa celestine psarou 54
Villa Celestine

Then you have Villa Celestine which is on the slope of Agios Lazaros. It overlooks the world’s famous beach and is known widely for good lifestyle people. So this is excellent for holidays in Greece for couples who enjoy the good life and want to look towards the nightlife.

Then we came towards villa Ocean Jasper. The villa is on a beach near Mykonos. It also offers splendid views of the entire ocean, and you can have unforgettable moments in the form of parties with couples holidays in Greece. You will get eight bedrooms with the same number of bathrooms, so don’t worry about having guests. 

villa ocean jasper final 16
Villa Ocean Jasper

Last but not least, we have Villa Aquamarine, Villa White Onyx, Villa Amber, Villa Yellow Amber, Villa Red Amber, Villa Cloudy Amber, Villa Transparent Amber & Villa Blue Amber.

People who travel in small numbers should check Villa Carnelian, Villa Zircon, Villa Talc, Villa Chalcedony, Villa Iaspice, Villa White & Villa Turquoise.

All these villas have been acclaimed as the best on Mykonos as they offer services beyond the typical couple holidays in Greece. 

The cost of villas for couples in Greece:

With fully equipped villas such as a dining room, swimming pool, deck, sound system, and travel facilities at your doorstep, who worries about the holiday cost? Still, you pick up from one of the many packages we offer to couple holidays to Greece.

With the facilities you will get, the higher cost will reduce in a flash as all services are up to the standard and available 24/7.

Talk to one of our representatives about any queries you have.

The advantage for Greece holidays for couples living in a villa in Mykonos?

Greece is quite famous for Greek architecture. The old city ruins are a significant tourist attraction with many places. Some of the reasons are below.

  1. The maze-like streets with traditional whitewashed walls are unique and nowhere else.
  2. Mykonos is near Venice, which is iconic for windmills that are 100 years old.
  3. You can spot many celebrities strolling on the beach and surrounding places as its been popular since the 1960s. Go for a holiday with couples in Greece if you want to meet them.
  4. The three Mykonos beaches are superb for night parties and clubs. Don’t miss it for any reason.
  5. Hop on to the travel bus for sightseeing which will take your breath away to places such as museums. The benefit of living in a villa is that you can get transport quickly.
  6. Armenistis Lighthouse is another wonder which no couple should miss during their holidays in Greece.
  7. Also, enjoy the outstanding cuisine made by the international chefs, and they incorporate the local ingredients to develop your taste buds. All facilities are available at all Villas, so feel free to order from the menu. 

Key takeaways:

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful places nature has given us. Every year, thousands of joyous couples travel to this destination and have a time that makes them come back for more.

The Greece couple’s holidays are famous for the nightlife and the super beach in Mykonos. With that, Don’t forget that you will have a chance to stay at the most luxurious villas you will ever come across anywhere. So what are you waiting for right now? Switch Mykonos to the number one travel plan this year and enjoy.